Adonai University College of Research and Entrepreneurship (AUCRE) is a private university college in Ho, Volta Region that provides academic, technical vocational and professional higher education in Ghana. With over 4 years of experience, AUCRE has gained reputation as one of the best Entrepreneurial institutions.
AUCRE aims to provide exceptional entrepreneurs and impactful leaders in Ghana and beyond


The University College formerly known as Adonai Entrepreneurial Training Institute was established by Rev. Dr. Bright Adonai in 2018 to train mainly the youth in technical and vocational entrepreneurial skills.
The Institute has gone through many phases to become a University College in 2022 and currently trains more than one hundred (100) students.


AUCRE’s Coat-of-Arms has the following features:
1. A book
The book signifies education, learning, imagination and creativity of our learners.
2. The Wheel of Industry
The Wheel of Industry signifies innovation, civilization and change. AUCRE seeks to revolutionize through technical skills and entrepreneurship.
3. A scroll
A scroll with the inscription – Skills for Empowerment – which is the motto of the University College. The motto summarizes the academic passion and pursuit to empower students with life skills that can help them transform the country and the world after school.


A world class private Research and Entrepreneurship University providing higher education and engaging partners to bring innovative lifelong solutions to developing opportunities out of challenges.

Mission Statement

  • To provide life-long relevant professional, technical, and vocational education to students of all ages, culture, race and creed to equip our graduates with lifelong skills for empowerment for economic transformation or development.
  • To provide our students, staff, faculty and alumni a welcoming environment and orientation for advanced tertiary education and personal development.
  • Deploy cutting edge technology and systems in our service delivery to produce morally and ethically grounded graduates for the global market


Integrity, Sustainability, Excellence and Pragmatism are the Core Values of AUCRE.


Skills for empowerment