Good evening and welcome beautiful people. It is my utmost delight to hang around with you all, especially to officially open the Golf City View Restaurant and launch a woman empowerment program Adonai Estate Limited will be running with a youth group called Lifestyle Multimedia. This program is dubbed Adonai Womenprenuers Model.

We the Adonai People can best be seen as entrepreneurs focused on community development. It is for this reason, we are determined to be a source of inspiration for the soft gender in our society to shine and innovate. The Adonai Womanprenuer Model will train, groom, and support young ladies across the country with distinct entrepreneurial ideas.

This is not the average beauty pageant around, the aim of this is to make young women more interested and devoted to entrepreneurship and personal growth. Tonight, you are a witness to the media launch, become the good news communicator to young ladies in your circle and beyond. Adonai Womenprenuers Model, creativity and innovation.

Ladies and gentlemen, the long-standing relationship between real estate, tourism, and hospitality are one of the motivating factors for the establishment of the Golf City View restaurant. Many economic and agricultural activities take place on this stretch of town and here comes the airport too. It is just prudent that a plush culinary business is established nearby to keep refueling people while they go about their daily hustle and bustle.
This is the newest most ideal establishment for relaxation and delicious meals with a child-friendly environment to help enjoy family and friends time while you move to great music. The restaurant has a dine-in that can accommodate a maximum of 40 people, 5 summer huts, and a vast green garden outdoor space for many more customers.
The restaurant serves local dishes, continental dishes, drinks, and more. The outdoor space is purposed for classical events which resonate with our well-being. This is where the flavors of nature are served in style. The next time you think of an event or celebration, need catering services, or just need a serene environment to relax and clear your head, remember we are here to serve you the best of the best.

Golf City View Restaurant, The Flavors Of Nature.

Thank You, Enjoy Your Evening!