MATRICULATION: Rector’s Speech

The Chairman and Members of the University Council, the Vice Rector, the Registrar, Deans, the University Librarian, Heads of Departments, Members of Convocation, Distinguished Guests, Senior and Junior Staff, Parents and Guardians, Matriculants, the Media, Ladies and Gentlemen.


On behalf of the Council Chairman, Management, Staff and the entire University College community, I am highly honored and joyful to welcome you to the 1st ever Matriculation ceremony of Adonai University College of Research and Entrepreneurship. This University College is one of the most prestigious Private Universities established in Ho in 2022. We are currently fixated on running one-year Diploma programs such as Journalism and Media Studies,  Computer Science and Cyber Security, Catering and Hospitality Management, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, amongst others under the Institute of Commercial Management; technical programs such as Construction Technician, Electrical Engineering Technician amongst others under the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) and a number of three to six months’ Certificate courses such as Graphic Design, Pottery and Ceramics amongst others that are designed to groom and establish more international standard entrepreneurs and business leaders. The Institution’s management team is working assiduously to complete the accreditation process with Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) for running degree programs in the near future. The University College intends to affiliate with the University of Professional Studies, Accra, taking into consideration their track records, standards and professionalism.

Mr. Chairman, the diversity of the 21st century and its businesses demand excellent, superior and quality education; that which requires the workforce to be innovative, creative and exceptional. It is evident that the global evolution over the years has shifted the direction and needs of businesses. Many businesses are compelled to change their models and strategies to survive in this generation. It can be attested to that some notably large corporations and market leaders are near collapse if not already collapsed because they have failed to evolve with the times. AUCRE, therefore, deems it necessary to provide education that seeks to meet the present and future needs of our community, our country and the world. We are raising students that can compete successfully on the international market. With the world changing almost at the speed of light, tertiary institutions need to raise many more individuals who can think for themselves, strive successfully for themselves, make earns meet and hopefully offer a platform to employ others. Adonai University College seeks to do just this. We seek to do this professionally by providing a first-class tertiary education and also raising our students in the Christian way so that our society becomes a better place.


Adonai University College of Research and Entrepreneurship has made it possible not only for WASSCE graduates but also BECE graduates and Certificate holders to further their education. Since the call for admissions in November 2022 till date, the University has received a total number of 199 applications. The Registry has issued 98 Admission letters and 89 students have reported.

I acknowledge our hardworking Marketing team and Administrative staff who worked tirelessly to ensure that enrolment is always on the increase. Our admission processes are simple and stress free for students and parents.


International students add a socio-cultural and educational diversity to any University College. At AUCRE, we are of the conviction that a world class University College should have a multi-national student population. In our quest to attract more international students, the University College has admitted a total of 5 international students. 4 of these students have enrolled on the ICM programs and 1 has enrolled on CTVET program.

We extend a warm welcome to our international students and hope you enjoy your stay here in Ghana as we are very hospitable. We have provided a conducive and a home away from home educational environment for you to strive for success.


Mr. Chairman, out of the 89 admitted students, 72% are male and 28% are female. The statistics shows a significantly lower number of female students. To promote more female enrollment and female contributions to our society, AUCRE has instituted the Adonai Womanprenuer Challenge for our female students. This challenge will see them pitching their entrepreneurial ideas to Management and Angel investors. The student with the most creative, innovative and realistic business idea wins the challenge and will be cushioned with an amount of GHC10,000.00 and mentoring from the Rector to start her business.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we want to practice what we are teaching. I, therefore, encourage all our female students to apply for the Challenge when the time is due. Interested females who are not students are encouraged to enroll at AUCRE to get this opportunity of a lifetime.


The University College has instituted the AUCRE Rector’s Scholarship scheme to support students as a measure of decreasing if not eliminating financial barriers in accessing this quality and entrepreneurial education. 20 students are currently enrolled on the scheme. I, therefore, appeal to philanthropists and benevolent organizations to support this scheme so that more students who may be disadvantaged, underprivileged and socio-economically challenged, in meeting their educational cost can benefit from the scheme.

Being very mindful of the current economic conditions of our country, the University College has a flexible school fees payment policy whereby students pay 40% when they commence school, pay another 20% by the end of the first semester and complete the remaining 40% payment at the beginning of the second semester.


The University College has an ultra-modern hostel facility for both sexes. The facilities have a capacity to accommodate 200 students; 100 males and 100 females. Only the male hostel is currently occupied by 7 students.

All students living outside Ho or are living in areas that are significantly far from the school are encouraged to patronize the hostel for proximity and safety.

Hostel admission is exclusive of Students admission.


Our present campus is the AUCRE City campus. This campus is in the heart of Ho and accessible to all. We are in a continuing process of face-lifting the campus to suit an international standard. Students are advised to take advantage of the Library and ICT laboratory especially. To be well informed as students, you need to read more and do further research.

You are advised to cultivate a habit of maintenance culture by taking good care of the school’s properties and assets.

AUCRE main campus is located at the Adonai Estate Airport Golf City. The land size is 30 acres and the school will soon commence developing the site.


Mr. Chairman, collaborations and partnerships are the new phase of knowledge advancement for higher education. University Colleges often strategically collaborate and partner with other institutions for brand, quality and value extension to students. In this regard, AUCRE is partnering with Origin College, a renowned Medicine and Counter Assistant School in Accra for the provision of top-notch education and Pharmacy experience to our Medical Counter and Assistant students. This partnership is in the best interest of our students and we look forward to them excelling in their field.

The University College is looking forward to some more productive and strategic alliances in the near future.


My dear matriculants, your stay at Adonai University College of Research and Entrepreneurship can be more productive and pleasing if you strive for excellence.  You can attain this excellence through rightly balancing your time for academic, extracurricular and social life. You are advised to be prejudice-free, broad minded, think critically and constructively and also, be less of fundamentalists about religion so that you can engage your minds mentally.

I urge all students to be measured by the Matriculation Oath as it summarizes your success requirements in this University College.

The University College’s code of conduct for students is enshrined in the Students Handbook. To prioritize your own interests while at school, abide by the Students Handbook. The Handbook will be given to all students subsequently. Be guided, for ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse.


You made the best decision by enrolling at Adonai University College of Research and Entrepreneurship. As our first batch of students, you have the responsibility to live by high standards, promote the good name of the University College and refrain from acts that will discredit the Institution.

Life at University Colleges comes with freedom. Freedom is indeed a good thing, nevertheless, do not loss focus of your purpose here. I urge you to study diligently, properly manage your time, be punctual and regular at school, always think before acting, avoid self-sabotaging habits, never loss focus of the promises you made to yourselves and your parents and above all trust in God.

Choose your friends wisely but network. All of you must cease this opportunity of a lifetime. We take cognizance of the fact that this journey will not be all rosy but I assure you that we are here to support you every step of this journey and make sure you succeed.

I implore you to make good use of the Dean of Students’ office for your welfare issues such as student financial services, academic, career, psychological and emotional support and counseling and all other support systems at your disposal for an all-inclusive AUCRE life.


We thank you for choosing Adonai University College of Research and Entrepreneurship and I promise you that you will never regret it. Enjoy your stay here. I pray God crowns all your efforts with success.

Thank you and God bless you all.